Is Aweber the Best Email Autoresponder System?

One question you have to ask yourself. What do gurus / successful internet marketers all have in common?

Chris McNeeney, Bryan Kumar, Jason James, Dr. Andy Williams, Jeremy Palmer, Ken McCarthy, Bryan Winters, Travis Sago, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, Brad Callen, Mike Enos, Rosalind Gardner, Mike Steup, John Thornhill, Maayan Marzan, Frank Garon, Sterling Valentine, Ray Edwards, Jim Morris, Matt Levenhagen, Tim Schroeder, Paul Kleinmeulman, Cedric Aubry, Liz Tomey, Andrew Cavanagh

The answer is simple, they all use Aweber.

So why Aweber is the best choice for email autoesponder system?


· Aweber is by far the best in terms of its ease of use and cost effectiveness – Easily create and add opt-in web forms to your website. Also, in term of assistance, Aweber provide the speediest, most helpful and courteous customer service.

· Aweber works with all major ISP’s, and companies like AOL to ensure their email deliverable rates are the best in the industry. It has one of the best delivery rates to major ISP’s which is very important to ensure your message is getting through.

· Not only is the system very user friendly but they send handy tips via e-mail to increase traffic and they offer various other tips and information, also they welcome questions, so all in all very good service.

· Their lack of downtime is the best in the industry. So there is very minimum risk to place your entire business potential with Aweber. Reliable, >99.34% email deliverability, fast

· You can mail more than 1,000 subscribers at a time without paying more. Unlimited campaigns, lists, follow up messages, and newsletters.

· Aweber provide great free training guides and videos. And also 51+ Templates for newsletter and follow up design.



Some testimonials:

“I have been an AWeber customer for over five years and it’s the only autoresponder I use and recommend to my clients. Their system is easy to set up, powerful enough to manage my large opt-in lists, and mail sent through them has the highest delivery rate of any competitor we have tested. Follow-up is the key to long term revenue, and we earn over $250,000 a year resoliciting prospects who request information from our network of Web sites. Without AWeber, we’d lose a LOT of money!”

Jonathan Mizel


“I’ve used a bunch of different autoresponder services and my #1 recommendation is AWeber. I don’t get a free account or anything like that – I pay like any other customer. And I do it because AWeber flat-out delivers. I’m always excited and amazed by the new features AWeber continues to put out there – some of which I suggested. ;)”

Yanik Silver Internet Entrepreneur





“No doubt about it, the Gold is in your (AWeber) List. AWeber’s autoresponder service has been the most valuable tool in my arsenal since 1998. I’ve tried out other autoresponder services, but AWeber is by far the best in terms of its ease of use and cost effectiveness. Also, on the rare occasions I’ve required assistance, I’ve received the speediest, most helpful and courteous customer service. Thanks guys, I appreciate all that you do. Keep up the great work! Customer-for-life!”

Rosalind Gardner Author


To experience the power of Aweber yourself, go to

Aweber Email Autoresponder System


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